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Our Client Gallery

Shared pictures and
Positives Reviews

These are pictures shared by our customers, we only provided the equine costumes.
The Horse Tailor staff greatly appreciate all the feedback provided, Thank You!!!

Halloween 2016 Knight Costume

Arriana Halloween 2017 St.Philomena

Arriana Halloween 2017 The King

Kathy Halloween 2017 Dragon Costume
"Hey, we won at the State Fair.. Everyone loved it!!"

Lisa and Baily Halloween 2017 Poodle

Tammy Halloween 2017 Groom

The Nimmer Family Halloween 2017 Elf
"Thank you for such a well made costume!
The horse loved wearing it!"

Tammy Halloween 2017 Sherif

Marry 2018

Tammy Halloween 2017 Sherif

Claudia 2018

Audrey 2018

Grudy 2018

Tango 2018

Mini Donkey Elf 2018

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